Professional Bankruptcy Petition Preparation

  Pro Petitions provides NATIONWIDE assistance to attorneys in preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions.

All petitions are prepared by a Certified Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (VBA) with over 6 years of experience working as a bankruptcy paralegal. Extensive knowledge of Bankruptcy Code, Federal and local rules, and ECF system.

Whether you are starting your practice, managing work overflow, or looking to expand, Pro Petitions is here to assist you every step of the way.

Benefits of hiring Pro Petitions:
• Eliminate Bankruptcy Preparation time.
• Decrease Client Intake interview time.
• Minimize repetitive phone calls to your office.
• Eliminate Deficiency Notices.
• Be alerted to possible problems before the petition is filed.
• Minimize overhead expenses, no additional office space to provide.
• No employee benefits to provide or payroll taxes.
• The assignments are done as an ongoing collaborative basis or "per petition". 

Hiring an off-site Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is NOT considered "Sharing Fees".

You pay Pro Petitions the same as you would pay a subcontractor, temporary, or other off-site employee(s) on a "per job" basis. We do not get paid by the debtor(s). Our fees are only for services rendered, much in the same way you pay your law office employees a salary to provide a service. This is not considered "Sharing Fees". The only difference is we pay our own overhead which includes our taxes, software, office supplies, etc. You pay one flat rate per petition!




LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Pro Petitions is neither a law firm, nor a licensed attorney. We do not provide legal advice or representation to general public as to their rights, remedies or obligations under the law of any state. We only provide services for licensed attorneys and each service is performed under their exclusive direction