Professional Bankruptcy Petition Preparation


A Virtual Bankruptcy Assisant (VBA) is a skilled professional who specializes in drafting bankruptcy petitions for consumer bankruptcy attorneys. VBA's are independent contractors whose expertise is sought by attorneys who recognize that outsourcing petition preparation is a proven method for increasing their office efficiency and overall profit margin. As VBA's perform in a "virtual" (online) capacity, their services are available to attorneys throughout the United States, regardless of the VBA's or the attorney's physical location.

Our services are customized to fit each Attorney or Law firm's individual needs.

Pro Petitions is your source for the small to medium law firm who may not have a Bankruptcy Specialist on staff, or who may be turning away clients due to the tremendous workload without the staff to handle it all.

Pro Petitions is ideal for the attorney that has considered adding Bankruptcy to their practice, without purchasing the software, learning how to use the software, hiring and training of additional staff. 

Pro Petitions will help attorneys who have recently passed the Bar Exam in setting up a workable and profitable Bankruptcy service.

Pro Petitions utilizes major bankruptcy software programs:
Best Case, Bankruptcy 2009, EZ-Filing, etc.

We are an invaluable asset to an Attorney or Firm who needs an on-call expert bankruptcy assistant.




LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Pro Petitions is neither a law firm, nor a licensed attorney. We do not provide legal advice or representation to general public as to their rights, remedies or obligations under the law of any state. We only provide services for licensed attorneys and each service is performed under their exclusive direction